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Started from the bottom now we're here! In just a few short years we have really turned the idea of a local food truck into the dream we always wished it would be. Now regularly serving the Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park area AND offering catering services. Find us at local trade shows and events as well - we love to partner with other fellow food-truckers!

All About US

BBQ and cooking have been a part of my life since I was very young. I have fond memories of watching my dad cook and grill. From grilling steaks and chicken to dabbing into smoking meats along the way, this was something I had to learn. I would experiment recipes with my friends while at my grandparent cabin in Webster, WI. Some worked out awesome, some not so good. Sometimes you can’t cook good food until you cook bad food. I would learn my own ways and methods along the way.

When I got older, the passion for perfecting BBQ became a top priority for me. I wanted to produce good food for my friends and family. What was at first a hobby has turned into something I really enjoy doing and want to turn into a business. I grew up with my parents always telling me to do the things that make you happy. When it comes to work, make sure it is something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy doing the work you do, it is not really work then. This is exactly true when it comes to me and BBQ.

Northwoods Smokehouse was founded on the principles of providing high quality classic BBQ comfort food to the various communities it will serve while giving back to those who support us. All of us at Northwoods Smokehouse wants to make sure we are giving back. We feel that giving back is an important part of who we are and what makes us who we are.

We are excited to see Northwoods Smokehouse became a reality. We look forward to serving the various communities.

Keeping the fires lit and the smoke rolling,
Matt, Kaitlyn, Harper and Gavin Miller




6999 80th St S

Cottage Grove, MN 55016


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